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Well, today is a special day.  Since we signed a record deal with Gotee Records in 2004, we have had the privilege of releasing 4 full length records (S/T, The End is Not the End, Suburba, and Cold Hard Want).  We have also released several EPs, singles, exclusive tracks, etc. in the down time between full lengths.  We compiled all of those together and released them along with 3 BRAND NEW Cold Hard Want B-Sides, and 2 remixes done by our good friends, Jesse Cale (aka McSwagger), and Soloman Olds (aka Soul Glow Activator).  It’s 19 songs, and it’s only $7.99 on iTunes and Amazonmp3.com.  If you love physical stuff, it’s also available in the Gotee store: http://gotee.zambooie.com

To celebrate and promote this release we will be doing a 2 week run of dates in June with a great Ohio band called COME WIND!!!  We already have a few dates booked, but we could use some help with the rest of the tour.  What we have on the books so far:

June 7 - Tulsa, OK - The Vanguard.  Tix: http://ticketf.ly/Zkh2Gx

June 8 - Dallas/Plano, TX - Details coming soon!

June 14 - Albuquerque, NM - Details coming soon!

We are working on a bunch of other dates, but we could use some help in or around the following markets:



San Antonio


El Paso

Colorado Springs


Wichita (anywhere in Kansas, really)

Kansas City


Springfield, MO

St. Louis

Please contact us at hohtour@gmail.com if you are interested in bringing us in for a show in or around any of these markets in mid-June.  

A few more things.  We are already getting a lot of interest from colleges and universities for next fall.  So much so, that we think we want to maybe just turn it into a tour!  Let us know if your college/university wants to begin talking about bringing HOH in for a show in the fall.

We had some pretty great shows in April, and we’re looking forward to another solid month in May!  Here’s what is on the books:

May 17 - Columbus, OH - The Bluestone w/Five Iron Frenzy

        Tix:  http://fiveiron.co/6c

May 18 - Lancaster, PA - Chameleon Club w/Five Iron Frenzy

        Tix:  http://fiveiron.co/6d

May 19 - Winchester, VA - 308 Hope Dr., Winchester, VA

        Info:  http://bit.ly/17waKch Tix: http://houseofheroeswinchester.eventbrite.com/

May 20 - Virginia Beach, VA - Tidewater Central Church of the Nazarene

        Info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/351572054942936/#

May 24 - Huntsville, AL - Good Shepard United Methodist (Lower Sanctuary)

        Info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/357825671001107/?fref=ts

And don’t forget about this KILLER show we are doing at the end of June:

June 30 - Maumee, OH - The Church on Strayer.  FREE EVENT!!!

        Contact Zachoward@ymail.com for more info.

Love to you guys!  Go check out this video that our buddy Isaac Deitz made after a recent weekend traveling with us:



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