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Hey guys!  Things have been pretty busy for House of Heroes these past few months.  After a few months off from playing shows, we have been back at it these past few months.  Last months Five Iron Frenzy shows were especially memorable!  It’s always special to play with one of the bands that inspired you to start playing music in the first place.

We have a bunch of shows coming up this month and next that we are really looking forward to!  Here is a quick list:

April 6 - SLAM Jam @ Bryan High School - Bryan, OH

April 11 - The Gramercy Theater w/FIF - NYC, NY

April 27 - The 86 Club - Cincinnati, OH

April 28 - The Pontifex - Fremont, OH

May 17 - The Bluestone w/FIF - Columbus, OH

May 18 - The Chameleon Club - Lancaster, PA

May 19 - Winchester, VA - details coming!

May 20 - Tidewater Central Church of the Nazarene - Virginia Beach, VA

May 21 - Kings Christian Academy - Callaway, MD

May 24 - Good Shepherd United Methodist (Lower Sanctuary) - Huntsville, AL

June 30 - Freedom Celebration at The Church on Strayer - Maumee, OH

We would like to fill in a few more dates at the end of April in the MI, OH, IN, IL, PA area, and also some more southern dates at the end of May/beginning of June.  Please hit up hohtour@gmail.com if you’d like to book the band.

OK, now on to some extremely exciting news!  There will be a press release about this soon with many more details.  In the meantime, we’ve compiled all of the b-sides we ever released on Gotee, added 3 brand new songs, and a couple of remixes by McSwagger and Soul Glow Activator and we will be releasing all of those things in just a few weeks time!  More info very soon :)

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    YES. EVERY HOUSE OF HEROES B-SIDE EVER RECORDED. It’s a good week to be a fan of music.
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    SO MANY OHIO SHOWS. This means I may actually be able to attend one of them. This is very happy making. : )
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